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Gum Grafts in Dentistry

Reusing The Gum Tissue

Gum graft is a procedure that use tiny portions of your own gum tissue or tissue from a tissue bank (allografts) to supplement your existing gum tissue in areas where the gums have begun to recede and the tooth or multiple teeth appear long. A low gum line can potentially expose the lower portions of teeth and tooth roots to disease. During gum graft procedures, small samples of gum tissue from a tissue bank or taken from elsewhere in your own mouth are implanted near the bases of teeth that don’t have enough gum tissue. Over time, the tissue will fuse with the existing gum tissue to help protect teeth.
Benefits Of The Soft Tissue Graft Procedure
By having tissue graft done several benefits will be achieved:
  • Gum recession eliminated
  • Sensitivity caused by exposed root surface no longer present
  • By covering exposed roots, we protect them from decay
  • The tooth no longer looks long, thus improving the esthetics of your smile

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