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What is Facelift Dentistry?

Facelift dentistry is a comprehensive functional and aesthetic transformation that goes beyond cosmetic dentistry and porcelain veneers. The aim of this method is to improve the jawline, and the facial profile, reverse the effects of aging, obtain a full smile, and at the same time restore worn teeth, correct underbites, jaw pain, and headaches, without surgery and without drilling healthy teeth. The treatment is only available to patients who wish to travel the path of ideal smile dentistry.

AntiAging Dentistry

Aged teeth spoil your facial profile, and missing teeth give you an aged appearance. A poor facial profile intensifies wrinkles and deepens the folds around the nose and lips.  Excessively large teeth and an overly large bite make you look older.

Age-defying dentistry can now make you years younger.

Bilal Rana

Are You Ready For The Wedding?

Have you chosen your wedding dress? Have you booked your salon and venue? Have you chosen a photographer? Is your smile ready for ever-forgettable photographs?

Don’t forget to tick “your smile” on the wedding checklist. A Smile is something you will wear 24/7 and every day of your life. We can help you get an Ideal Smile for life.

If you haven’t sorted out your smile yet, are you even ready for the wedding?

Restore Your Self-Confidence

Facelift dentistry can change your facial profile and jawline. It corrects underbites, overbites, misaligned jaws, loose bites, crossbites, and TMJ pain in two weeks without orthodontics or surgery. Can correct gum smile. Bite problems will be corrected. Your face and neck muscles will be relaxed. Correction of Improper alignment of teeth can fix speech problems. All this will boost your confidence when you know you look better and speak better.

Bilal Rana
Bilal Rana

Why Your Jawline is The Secret to Looking Younger

To look younger, you need a correct bite that is aligned with your jaw joints. Some patients can now speak more clearly, and an optimal jawline can eliminate the signs of a decade or more of aging in your face. The porcelain layer built over healthy teeth is designed to support your face, give you a smile that is better than veneers, and give you a younger face shape.

Rapid facial aging, facial disfigurement, sleep disturbances, small or large chins, night grinding (bruxism) and clenching of teeth, and excessive covering of teeth with lips (when teeth are not visible when speaking) are directly related to the bite and indirectly to the condition of the joints. Only 5% of the population has a perfect, anatomically correct bite, the rest have cosmetic, physical, or mental defects. People with an overbite have a smaller-looking chin and a rounder head, while people with an underbite (prognathism) have a large, dominant chin that stands more forward. Dental FaceLift is the future when it comes to improving bite, facial contour, jaw optimization, and chin size, and it also prevents the early signs of aging.

FaceLift Dentistry Can Permanently Reverse Facial Aging

When the bite breaks down, the face looks older, the chin looks bigger and the teeth look uneven. Fewer teeth appear behind the lips, the face collapses and the lips become thinner. Dental FaceLift optimizes the face and jaws, offering masculine chin canines for men and graceful chin canines for women. This treatment prevents facial collapse and improves dental and joint health. 

Imagine a quick, comfortable bite that comes with a harmonious face and beautiful white teeth, without the pain, injections, surgery, orthodontics, or teeth grinding that is common with other dental treatments. By not grinding a significant part of the teeth, potential root trauma can be avoided, which could otherwise lead to root canal treatment. This method also avoids painful jaw surgery, especially in patients with an underbite (prognathism) and a forward chin profile. 

Health Benifits of a Facelift Dentistry

Many patients have reported health benefits such as better sleep. The reason why patients can sleep better with this method is that the position of the lower jaw is improved in a three-dimensional direction, instead of just opening the vertical dimension. When the mandible is moved forward, the patient’s airways are larger and there is more space for the tongue.

As the teeth wear down and the jaw moves back, the loss of space for the tongue is a common problem that occurs with aging. These patients look much younger, which is wonderful, but they also sleep better and are more energetic, so they feel younger too. Self-confidence improves because first impressions will never be the same again.

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