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What is full mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is a step by step process of restoring one’s mouth with severely compromised teeth, gums, and missing teeth. The goal of the reconstruction is to return full function to the mouth, i.e., being able to eat & speak well and giving back beautiful smile.

Who needs full mouth reconstruction?


Ongoing dental issues can lead to:

What are Full mouth Reconstruction Steps?

First and most important is proper diagnosis & treatment plan. Having modern digital radiography at dentist’s disposal becomes imperative to delivering a precise dental diagnosis. A panoramic x-ray will show if there is any infection inside the bone that may require a root canal therapy, or if the bone loss is progressive and the tooth cannot be saved. Consultation with Dr. Aqib will reveal if gums are healthy or require periodontal treatment before starting any restorative work. Untreated periodontal disease will jeopardize results of any dental work. After the health of the gums and jawbone is evaluated Dr. Aqib will create a comprehensive treatment plan to replace all missing teeth, remove all decay, restore teeth, and establish proper teeth bite.
After our Associate dentist completes the periodontal treatment, Dr. Aqib performs all needed oral surgery procedures, extractions, bone grafts, sinus lifts and root canals. In some instances when the jawbone is not compromised immediate dental implants are placed during the extraction visit. However, if it is not the case, healing is required before implant placement. After the dental implants achieve Osseo integration (when implant integrates with the bone) final restoration will be placed.

Treatment Overview

After thorough examination of the patient with the help of full mouth pictures and x rays, we devise a treatment plan with the goal to restore & preserve all teeth in such a way to bring harmony in functionality & aesthetics. At the end of the treatment we make sure to achieve complete oral health. We rebuild patient’s mouth by carrying out different procedures such as;

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