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Truly American Dental Experience

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Dr. Aqib Mudassar, the visionary behind Ideal Smile Dentisty, brings over 12 years of experience practicing in America and 9 years of experience in Pakistan. Having established two highly successful dental practices in California, USA—one in Madera from 2004 to 2015 and another in Fresno from 2009 to 2015— he now operates his third and permanent dental clinic in Lahore, Pakistan. He is a maestro blending aesthetics with dental excellence – offering services from facelift dentistry to stunning crowns and veneers, all at standards matching those in the USA.

We welcome you to Ideal Smile Dentistry, where we’re reshaping smiles and redefining dental care with cutting-edge technology. Say hello to Dental Tourism, our unique blend of dental services and travel, offering top-notch care comparable to leading practices in the USA but at a fraction of the cost. For instance, while an implant may typically cost $4000 elsewhere, we provide the same quality for just $750. Experience American dentistry excellence without breaking the bank.

Dr. Aqib Mudassar is dedicated to elevating the standards of dental care in Pakistan to match those of America. With 15 years of experience in the USA, he has made it his mission to bridge the gap between these two standards. Through numerous seminars, lectures, and a book detailing his dental journey, he shares the wealth of knowledge gained during his training and practice in America. We invite you to delve into his insights and experiences – happy reading!

Why Ideal Smile?

  1. You smile deserves a royal treatment
  2. More than just a dental care provider;
  3. Provides American and international quality standards, using only the best materials.
  4. Destination for transforming your smile.
  5. Experience advanced facelift dentistry that rejuvenates your appearance,
  1. Combining dental and aesthetic excellence.
  2. Creating stunning, natural smiles with top-quality crowns and veneers.
  3. For a complete transformation, our full smile makeovers revitalize your smile’s health and beauty
  4. Our durable, natural-looking dental implants restore confidence.
  5. At Ideal Smile, we offer a unique journey to enhance your smile, ensuring every visit leaves you more confident and radiant.

Comparing Procedural Costs With Other Countries


USA Price

UK Price

Turkey Price

Pakistan Price

Ideal Smile Discount





PKR 15000






PKR 45k – 60k


Implant with crown




PKR 200 k




The Ideal Smile Experience: Beyond Expectation

Cross Infection Control

With an unwavering dedication to patient safety, we adhere to 100% cross-infection protocols, ensuring a sterile and secure environment for all. Our commitment extends beyond mere compliance; it reflects our fundamental ethos of excellence in healthcare.

World-Class Standards

Every aspect of our treatment follows American standards, guaranteeing the highest quality care for each individual we serve. At our facility, meticulous attention to detail and a steadfast focus on best practices are the cornerstones of our approach, providing peace of mind to patients and instilling confidence in our commitment to their well-being.

Begin Your Journey to a Perfect Smile

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Join the Ideal Smile Family

At Ideal Smile Dentistry, we believe every smile is unique and deserves the royal treatment it gets here. We’re excited to welcome you to our family and embark on this journey together.

The profound difference we make in our patients' lives, evidenced by the joy in their new smiles, is priceless.

The trust of our patient is what drives our success of growth.

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