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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Making It All Over Again

If you ask any dentist why they chose dentistry as a profession, the answer will be very similar: “Oral health is an integral part of overall health. By doing good dentistry, we help patients to maintain proper oral hygiene, eliminate any dental pathologies that may lead to systemic issues and affect overall health. 3-6 month recall is a good way to bypass any serious dental problems. We are always happy to get another 5-star review from a long-standing patient. After completing another successful full mouth reconstruction, there is a greater sense of accomplishment. A patient with severe dental & possibly systemic problems regains full function, a beautiful smile, and self-confidence.”

Full mouth rehabilitation is the time when all the years of schooling, residency & decades of practice are put to the test. The dentist must create and deliver a proper full mouth reconstruction plan that restores full function to the mouth.


What is full mouth reconstruction?

Full mouth rehabilitation, also known as full mouth reconstruction or restorations, is a process of restoring one’s mouth with severely compromised teeth, gums, and missing teeth. The goal of the reconstruction is to return full function to the mouth, i.e., being able to eat well. And of course, dentistry is always about giving patients a beautiful smile. A smile is what everyone notices first. Whether at Ideal Smile we deliver full rehabilitation or a smile makeover, our goal is always to finish with a beautiful smile or a “Celebrity Smile,”( if that’s what you want)!

Reasons for a full mouth rehabilitation vary:

If you have experienced any of these, please come in for an extensive complimentary initial evaluation. Dr. Aqib will help you decide if a full mouth restoration is the best course of action.

Are you a good candidate for full mouth rehabilitation?

Various factors will be taken into account when evaluating your needs and the degree of restoration necessary:

What kind of full mouth rehabilitation procedure is performed during treatment?

Depending on the issues we are addressing, full mouth rehabilitation can include just about any dental treatment or a combination of several dental procedures. Some of the most common procedures performed in reconstruction process include:

What is the difference between full mouth reconstruction and a smile makeover?

Both treatments have significant similarities. They will provide an improvement to the health of your mouth. All dental problems will be eliminated as part of either treatment. Both may require the engagement of multi-specialty dentists. The goal of a smile makeover is to gain an aesthetically pleasing smile. However, full mouth reconstruction is a restorative procedure that is necessary for dental and overall health. In other words, full mouth restoration is needed to prevent unhealthy oral conditions from getting worse, stop chronic pain and return full function to a compromised mouth.

What are full mouth reconstruction steps?

Full mouth reconstruction options for missing teeth

The treatment options vary based on the number of missing teeth needing replacement. Below we will give a quick overview of each option; you can find detail explanation for each procedure on the designated service pages.

Full mouth rehabilitation with implants & implant supported crowns

This option is suitable for patients who have few missing teeth. Without causing unnecessary damage to healthy teeth, dental implants and implant crowns are an excellent restoration option. However, if neighboring teeth have large fillings or extensive decay restoring teeth with a traditional dental bridge may be a valid alternative.

Full mouth rehabilitation with implants & implant supported bridge

Full mouth reconstruction of multiple missing teeth can be achieved with dental implants and implant bridges. By placing just a few implants, an expert implant specialist, like Dr. Aqib, can provide support for a large implant bridge. Also, if a whole span of front teeth are replaced, the patient will have an opportunity to choose the exact shade of the porcelain.

Full mouth rehabilitation with implants & implant supported dentures

If a patient is edentulous, in the past the only option for a full mouth reconstruction was full removable denture. It is still an inexpensive alternative to restore teeth in the arch. Unlike implant supported dentures, removable dentures have a significant number of drawbacks, like poor retention and need for adhesive, inability to eat well; it promotes progressive bone loss.

Implant supported dentures or all-on-4 present patients with an option of complete rehab with a long-lasting restoration that is as beautiful as it is functional. In the last two decades, this technique has been mastered and proven to be conclusively the most cost effective treatment. Dental implants placed correctly help maintain healthy bone levels. The implant supported denture provides incredible retention, so eating and talking is no longer an issue. With a well-made implant denture, we will return your youthful smile.


Full mouth restoration with porcelain crowns, veneers, and onlays

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