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The Root Of The Problem

Damage to the tooth’s pulp( tooth nerve) is commonly caused by tooth decay or traumatic injury. Pulp damage in baby teeth can affect the development of your child’s permanent teeth later on. Rather than pulling the affected tooth, we opt for pulp therapy, a technique similar to a root canal in adults, that maintains the baby tooth’s vitality. Saving baby teeth with pulp damage is preferred to extraction because primary tooth extraction can cause a variety of consequences such as loss of space for adult teeth and eventually misaligned permanent teeth.
There are 2 types of baby root canal therapies
  • Pulpotomy is a partial pulp (nerve) removal. Damaged pulp from the tooth’s crown is removed, leaving healthy pulp in the root canals. Once the pulp is removed, the tooth is filled with a disinfecting agent to prevent further infection, and it is protected with a crown.
  • Pulpectomy is the total removal of damaged pulp, not just in the crown but the roots, too. Once pulp is removed, the tooth is filled with an absorbable cement for support, and then protected with a crown.

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